Guidelines Book

Guidelines book

Guidelines book

Guidelines book

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After months of research, the BALL team is proud to present a package containing three National mapping reports from each of the BALL partner countries as well as a Comparative report where the results of the National reports are put into a European perspective. 
During the mapping process all partners scanned available material on the subject of preparation for the third age in each of the participating countries. Each partner wrote a report in English on their findings from the mapping exercise. These studies revealed common and complementary issues that serve as a basis for further research and studies within the project. A final comparative study, in the form of a report, was then conducted where the results from the research undertaken in the BALL partner countries was put into a European context. The comparative report will be used as a basis for the survey exercise.
Reunión Proyecto BALL en Alicante

The Second Steering Committee Meeting and First expert meeting of the BALL -Be Active through Lifelong Learning- Project was held at the University of Alicante with the participation of the following institutions: Evris Foundation Ses, from Iceland, project coordinator; the University of Alicante, represented by the Permanent University (UPUA), from Spain; U3A Reykjavik, from Iceland, and Towarzaystwo Wolnej Wszechnicy Polskiej Oddzial w Lublinie, from Poland.

For two days, intense work was carried out on the analysis of the mapping performed by all three countries about the demographic situation and the population ageing phenomenon, the conditions for retirement in each country, the existing actions for training in the life stage before retirement, once retired, and also for the third age, as well as the results obtained in each partner country through the development of a Focus Groups with national and local experts in this field.

The main objective is to develop innovative guidelines and recommendations for use at lifelong learning centers; universities; companies; unions; associations; local and regional authorities that wish to prepare and encourage their employees/clients to prepare for the “third age”. We will use the project and its outcomes to raise awareness on these important issues and disseminate the results throughout the European Educational Area and the worldwide U3A network.

In the framework of the project we have carried out a mapping about the state of art of the preparation for retirement in the partners’ countries and also different Focus-Groups with target group members (retired and working), experts and representatives of trade unions, institutions and enterprises involved in the education area.