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Lublin University of the Third Age


The Lublin University of the Third Age (LUTW) was founded in 1985, under the patronage of five universities in Lublin: the University of Maria Skłodowska-Curie (UMCS), John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), the University of Life Sciences, the Lublin University of Technology and the Medical University.

LUTW works under direct organizational and academic supervision of the Society of Polish Free University, Branch in Lublin. The basic forms of activity of the Lublin University of the Third Age are education, seniors volunteer activity and editorial work.

The objectives of LUTW:

  • to popularize educational initiatives,
  • to activate senior citizens intellectually, psychologically, socially and physically,
  • to enlarge the knowledge and skills of seniors, to facilitating contacts with institutions such as healthcare, culture centres, rehabilitation centres etc.,
  • to engage students into activities concerning the environment that surrounds them, to strengthen social bonds and communication among seniors.

The aim of the classes and lectures in LUTW is development. They do not aim at getting or increasing professional qualifications. The classes are supposed to popularize knowledge, whereas the methods are adjusted to the age and requirements of the students.

The main goals of LUTW’s activity, developed within the frames of the Gerontology Section of the Society of Polish Free University, are not only based on the general idea of universities of the third age in Poland and abroad, but they also take into consideration local needs, especially the interests of seniors in Lublin. The activity of TWWP for seniors is carried on in three fields: education, volunteering and editorial work.

In addition to the annual inauguration lectures, LUTW, already in the first year of its work, had three cycles of weekly lectures: the so-called general lectures and lectures about health and nature for those who were interested. They were are great success and have been conducted to the present day.

Apart from lectures, the educational system of LUTW offers interest groups , which, by presenting a richness and diversity of content and methodological solutions, play an important role in the multilateral activation of seniors. Moreover, they are a good instrument of popularizing knowledge in wider cycles, mainly among old people, and through them it is further transmitted to the younger generation.

The Lublin University of the Third Age in numbers

  • 29 years activity for education and activation of seniors,
  • 11 branches in the Lublin Province (Biała Podlaska, Krasnystaw, Kraśnik, Łęczna, Międzyrzec Podlaski, Opole Lubelskie, Parczew, Poniatowa, Puławy, Radzyń Podlaski, Tomaszów Lubelski),
  • 900 students in Lublin and 1400 students in the branches,
  • 75 lectures from general knowledge, health and nature every year,
  • 450 hours of classes in seminar groups,
  • 312 hours of workshops,
  • 572 hours of physical activity classes,
  • 338 hours of foreign languages classes
  • 40 volunteers engaged in the organization of LUTW classes.

The Lublin Centre of Seniors’ Volunteer Activity

Old age is one of the many stages we experience during our lifetime. As every stage, it has its special characteristics, challenges and opportunities. Elderly people can use their free time for social, educational and physical activity.

The University of the Third Age is a place which, by creating proper conditions for development, education and integration is the right space for meetings and self-realization for retired people.

The idea of volunteer work is attributed to people for as long as they exist.

Objectives of activating elderly people:

  • broadening social contacts,
  • integration within their own age group,
  • compensation of the social roles they lost,
  • organizing fee time,
  • feeling of satisfaction,
  • increase of self esteem,
  • feeling of being useful and helping others,
  • improvement of physical condition, promoting of a healthy lifestyle,
  • developing new interests,
  • intergeneration cooperation,
  • changing the social image of old age,
  • development of seniors’ volunteer activity.

That is the role of the Centre of Seniors’ Volunteer Activity in Lublin (LCAS).

The following organizations act within the frames of LCAS:

Information and Counseling Desk for Seniors – it is run by volunteers, students of LUTW, retired psychologists, lawyers, economists who give advice to elderly inhabitants of Lublin free of charge.

International cooperation

The Lublin University of the third Age is member of AIUTA (International Association of Universities of the Third Age),

International projects

  • Cooperation with seniors form the German town of Delmenhorst (Germany) for 11 years.
  • Cooperation for activation of seniors with the non-government organization Humanitarian Bridge from Brzesc in Belarus. Project: “Two towns, two cultures, thousands of inspirations”. Within the frames of RITA (Region in Transition). It is a grant project of the American Foundation for Freedom, carried on by the Education for Democracy Foundation.
  • 2004–2006 ODE – Open Doors for Europe – a project within the frames of Grundtvig, carried on with partner organizations from Germany, Spain and Italy:
  • 2010–2012 Cultural Bridges (within the Grundtvig project) with partner organizations from Latvia (Jelgava), Lithuania (Vilnus), Portugal (Almeirim) and Belgium (Assende)
  • 2011–2013 MTN – More than Neighbours” (within the Grundtvig project). The participants are organizations dealing with education and activation of seniors from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Poland.



Malgorzata Stanowska

Director of the  University of the Third Age of Lublin.

Profession - University in Lublin (UMCS) The Faculty of Humanities – History

Specialist for the Education of Elderly People - Society of the Polish Free University in Lublin. Coordinator of educational programs for seniors in Lublin. Member of the AIUTA Board (International Association of Universities of the Third Age.)

President of the Social Council of Elders of the Lublin City.

Member of the Commission of Experts for Elderly People at the Human Rights Defender

Coordinator of many projects concerning the activation of elderly people One of her main research interests focuses on University Education for Older Adults and Lifelong Learning.

Co-editor of the research work “Getting Old with Dignity”


Stanislawa Steuden

Ph.D., Full Professor and Head of the Clinical Psychology Department, Institute of Psychology, John Paul II - Catholic University of Lublin, Poland; Chair of the Scientific Council of the Lublin University of the Third Age.

Scientific interests: psychology of aging and old age, burnout syndrome, psychosomatics, diagnosis and counselling for posttraumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, subjective and objective conditions of resilience and coping with stress.


Monika Adamczyk

Ph. D., employee of the Department of Sociology of Knowledge and Education,  Institute of Sociology of the Catholic University of Lublin.

Author of the research project entitled "Spatial, Social and Cultural Conditions of Social Capital in Poland."

Co-author of the projects:

"Analysis of the determinants of social capital of the physically handicapped in terms of the social capital they produce"

"Production of social capital by public institutions of social care and its impact on reducing social exclusion in Poland”.

New quality of social economy: PARTNERSHIP – COMPEXITY- CONSISTENCY (Subcarpathian Province)

New quality of social economy: PARTNERSHIP- COMPEXITY -CONSISTENCY (Mazowieckie Province).

Substantive expert in the research project "Study of the professional careers of students and graduates of the Catholic University in Lublin"

Expert in the team working on the Regional Programme for the Elderly for the years 2012- 2015 appointed by the Board of the Lublin Province

Expert in the team working on the strategic objectives established by the Department of Economy and Innovation of the Office of the Marshal of Lublin

Member of the Provincial Council for  Seniors Policy established by the Board of the Lublin Province

Member of the Senate of the Catholic University of Lublin



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