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Evris Foundation

About Evris

Evris Foundation ses. is a private non-profit foundation established early 2014.

The purpose of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life of people in Iceland and abroad by providing assistance to governments, institutions, associations, businesses and individuals. Evris Foundation does this by initiating and partaking in a variety of remedial projects such as, for example, project BALL. A particular focus is placed on projects of European importance. The projects can be in the fields of education, culture, innovation, regional development, employment and more specifically employment development.

Our mission is to leverage our expertise and resources in the field of European and international cooperation to help our customers realize their full potential through the means of such cooperation.

Evris Foundation is governed by its core values – to honor our commitments to our customers with professionalism, diligence and integrity and to foster a relationship with our clients, based on a culture of achievement and trust.


Grandagardur 16

101 Reykjavik


Tel: + 354 617 1600




About the Evris BALL project team.

Evris is the BALL project coordinator.

  • Anna Margret Gudjonsdottir is responsible for the BALL project.  She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and a Teacher certification in Natural Sciences, all from UI. She has a long experience in project management and participation in different european projects. Here email address is:




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