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Meeting of the BALL Project in Lublin, Poland- 21 May 2015: Third Steering Committee Meeting and Second Expert Meeting at the Lublin University of the Third Age

The Third Steering Committee Meeting and the Second Expert Meeting of the BALL -Be Active through Lifelong Learning- Project was held at the Lublin University of the Third Age, with the participation of the following institutions: Evris Foundation from Iceland, project coordinator; the University of Alicante, represented by the Permanent University (UPUA), from Spain; U3A Reykjavik, from Iceland, and LUTW from Poland.

The national reports on the results of the survey were presented by all three countries, some trends similar for all three countries were identified, as well as differences, resulting from cultural context. In a lively discussion it was decided what data should be taken into account to formulate the comparative report. In the afternoon the future steps of the project were discussed. Respondents from all three countries chose most commonly the answer that they would like to prepare to their retirement themselves. It was considered most interesting by all the partners and it was decided that further recommendations should be developed taking this particular issue into account. An idea arose that people should first of all be given guidance in self-awareness, so they would understand how they want to prepare to retirement, and only then they can be given further options The meeting was finished with the Steering Committee  Meeting- information about progress in the project, budget and time frames to be kept for the future.





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