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Looking Forward to a Dynamic Third Age - Comparative Mapping Report

Mapping Report Screenshot
After months of research, the BALL team is proud to present a package containing three National mapping reports from each of the BALL partner countries as well as a Comparative report where the results of the National reports are put into a European perspective. 
During the mapping process all partners scanned available material on the subject of preparation for the third age in each of the participating countries. Each partner wrote a report in English on their findings from the mapping exercise. These studies revealed common and complementary issues that serve as a basis for further research and studies within the project. A final comparative study, in the form of a report, was then conducted where the results from the research undertaken in the BALL partner countries was put into a European context. The comparative report will be used as a basis for the survey exercise.

The National Mapping Reports

To gain knowledge of the current situation regarding how in general people are prepared for the “third age” we have undertaken the task to investigate and map the current situation in the three BALL partner countries; Iceland, Poland and Spain, to shed light on how such preparations have been organized up to now, what experience has been gained and whether there are any trends observable to build on for future recommendations. This research includes a mapping exercise and a survey in each partner country. The results of the mapping exercises are reported in country reports for each BALL partner country. The country reports describe the key issues in each country that affect the situation of the older generations, such as demographic trends participation in the labour market, the pension systems and specifically the supply and demand for preparative measures for the “third age”. The country reports stand for themselves independently. The national reports are a part of the package that can be downloaded on the Materials page.


The Comparative Report

In the Comparative report the demographic situation in each BALL partner country is analysed and put into a European perspective. Secondly, the situation in the labour market in each country is viewed and compared to those of the other BALL partner countries always keeping in mind the situation in Europe as a whole. The statistical analysis provided in this report will serve as a foundation for the work ahead in the BALL project, putting into perspective the serious challenges that lie ahead in coping with the consequences of an ageing European population. Thirdly, actions and initiatives that prepare people for their entry into the third age and retirement, in each country, are reviewed and compared. Finally, an attempt is made to identify future perspectives and trends. The results from the mapping exercise will then be combined with the survey intended to identify opinions and expectations towards retirement in each country. The results of this research will then constitute the basis for the final recommendations and guidelines to be proposed as outcome of the BALL project. The comparative report is also downloadable on the Materials page.






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