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The European Warehouse of Opportunities has been launched


The European Warehouse of Opportunities was formally opened at a Conference in Reykjavik on June 26th which marked the end of the Erasmus+ program Catch the BALL. Three national warehouses are linked to the European Warehouse, Icelandic, Lithuanian  and British. All the warehouses offer opportunites for 50 years and older to make changes in their lifes, if they want to, go on new paths, let old dreams come true or find new ones. A preliminary link to the website of the European Warehouse, is now accessible, from where you can enter the other warehouses.

The Warehouses have been developed in cooperation between partners from Iceland, Lithuania and the UK and the European Warehouse is run under the auspices of U3A Reykjavik.We invite everyone to enter the warehouses, take a look of the selection of opportunities and we would appreciate all comments and suggestions for improvement. We would also like to receive suggestions for more opportunities to be put on the shelves available to European citizens. This can be done through the contact page.

Another output of the Catch the BALL project is the Academy of Opportunities Handbook where trainers can access materials to assist people 50+ to find more about themselves and what they want. The handbook will be published electronically in the near future.




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