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Conference in Lublin: Add Life to Age - Go Actively into Retirement

On 27th November 2015 a conference entitled: “Add Life to Age- Go Actively into Retirement” was organized by the Lublin University of the Third Age  within the frames of the BALL Erasmus+ Project. Preparation to retirement must be accompanied, on the one hand, by social support, and on the other hand, by a look into one’s self, as everyone has the right and obligation to decide about the later part of life. Research carried out during the first year of the  BALL project  provided interesting information on the  readiness of individuals to prepare to retirement and to lead an active life. A sociologist, Monika Adamczyk, Ph.D., elaborated on the  awareness of this problem in Polish society in the light of the research conducted during the BALL mapping and survey. The participants of the conference were handed a book she wrote on those issues  “Go Actively into Retirement”.

Showing the positive aspects of late adulthood remains opposed to negative social stereotypes and makes it easier to set into motion the potential of people who should plan this stage of life and prepare to it actively, so as it could take the desired shape. Social engagement and active attitude to life are meant to change the perception of the third age in society and show the wider public that it is highly recommended to prepare as early as possible to full and active life in retirement. The next stage of the BALL Project will focus on developing guidelines and recommendations for active preparation to retirement.

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